9th International Workshop on Surface Modification
for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing

Poland, 8 - 12 November 2019

9th International Workshop on Surface Modification
for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing


Scope of the SMCBS'2019 Workshop

As for the interdisciplinary Workshop, the topics covered by presentations
at the SMCBS'2019 Workshop will involve:

  • chemo- and biosensing,

  • chemical and biochemical surface modification,

  • polymer film coating,

  • inorganic, organic, and biomaterials for catalysis as well as for electric energy generation and storage,

  • charge transport in surface films,

  • novel techniques and instrumentation for surfaces examination,

  • signal transduction and processing, detection techniques and protocols, system miniaturization and nanotechnology use.


The SMCBS Workshops

Previous meetings

Summary of the SMCBS'2017 Workshop

Electrochemical aspects of chemical and biochemical sensing dominated former Workshops of this series and many participants were either committed to electroanalytical chemistry or used electroanalytical techniques.

As previous workshops, the 8th SMCBS'2017 Workshop was focused on the art of both chemical and non-chemical decorating of solid transducer surfaces as well as recognition activity of the resulting sensors toward target analytes. Main topics of the Workshop covered various aspects of surface chemistry related to chemo- and biosensing in solutions or gases.

Both fundamental and applied research talks were delivered. In total, 59 lectures were given during the Workshop.

We were pleased to host participants from 20 countries from all over the world. Noteworthily, the status of the participants were equally distributed between Professor, PhD, and MSc researchers.

Tutorials given during SMCBS'2017 Workshop

Summary of the SMCBS'2017 Workshop in numbers